Youth Personal Leadership Program

IKIGAI – Toronto

Develops and strengthens emotional intelligence for youth

Emotional intelligence training program that supports them with security and self-confidence to achieve their life dreams.

The program was created in 2018. Emotional growth transformations inspired us to replicate and improve the methodology to open it to other young people.

Unique in its style, and transform the lives of the young people who live it, opening in them the hope that they will be able to achieve fulfillment as adults.

IKIGAI means the reason for living (Japanese), doing something worth living for and makes you fully satisfied and happy with the direction you take in your life.


Participants will develop their self-knowledge, strengthen their self-esteem; learn to manage their limiting emotions; value empathy, acquire a commitment to building their life plan; acquire self-care tools; acquire conflict resolution tools; confidence to work as a team; learn to question their limiting beliefs; and acquire tools for self-control and mental care, self-management, personal effectiveness, entrepreneurship and life purpose. If you want to know how it works, watch the following video.

Trainer. Miriam Riveros Martínez.


  • Strengthen their self-esteem and commitment to their dreams. Learn to align their talents, dreams and desires with a life purpose (IKIGAI).
  • Learn about their rights and responsibilities as people living in community.
  • Develop and value empathy and care for interpersonal relationships.
  • Acquire “adult” language for the care of their interpersonal relationships.
  • Strengthen their academic responsibility. Learn techniques for conflict resolution, emotional and physical self-care, emotional and physical self-care Learn to understand their emotions and how to manage them.
  • Strengthen their confidence in their family and community.
  • They will learn to reinterpret painful childhood events from a perspective that will allow them to move forward in their lives.


We work with experiential and playful methodologies, coaching and group and individual work.


As soon as we have the agenda ready, we will publish the dates and places of execution.


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This workshop is designed for adults.
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