Miriam Riveros Martínez

About me

Passionate about the transformation of the human being, I have turned my skills and purpose in the last 14 years to the training and development of people’s talent, through the strengthening of their emotional intelligence and leadership to undertake their life dreams. Through coaching and facilitation I have learned to help people in their personal growth. Since 2005 I have worked with companies and institutions to create a society that promotes cooperation, human development and respect for the environment.

I define myself as a perseverant person, dedicated and committed to each educational project I undertake. My talent lies in creating innovative experiences of personal growth and transformation with excellence, creativity, effectiveness and commitment. I have worked at the service of youth, university students, entrepreneurs, micro-entrepreneurs, companies, individuals, schools and public institutions.

My work has led me to know and value how special and unique each human being is, and I am passionate about getting the best out of them, when they come to my space. In my years of work experience I have been certified in various training methodologies, with the purpose of integrating effective tools and put them at the service of the training process of people. I maximize the value of the experiences I generate in each learning dynamic applied.

I worked for 15 years as a computer engineer, but the awakening of my passion came from the search for my own personal growth. Coaching and facilitation are two effective tools for working with people.

Trained people
Training hours
Created courses
No. of companies
Education Inst.

Areas of expertise

  • Facilitation in leadership, emotional intelligence, effective communication, emotion management, negotiation, teamwork, personal motivation, entrepreneurial skills, personal effectiveness and others.
  • Life coaching.
  • University professor.
  • Administration and management of ICT’s and database.
  • Personnel administration.
  • Process modeling.
  • Video and web page design.
  • Administration of social networks.

Degrees and certifications

2023. Degree in Administration of Foundations and Social Organizations. Adolfo Ibáñez University of Chile. 

2020. Community Manager. ADITIVE 

2017. Certified Facilitator. Creativity Certification Program Red Zebra y Actitud Creativa. Colombia.

2017. Certified Facilitator. LEGO@ Serious Play@ Method. RASMUSSEN Consulting y Asociation of Master Trainers in the LEGO@ Serious Play@ Method.

2017. Method analyst PDA. Interconecta and PDA International. Chile.

2011. Certified Facilitator DISC. IMPACT Chile

2016. Sport COACHING SPECIALIST. EREPS Lifelong Learning Programe. High Performance School. Spain.

2010. COACH International Certification before the International Community Coaching. Código C-6201.

2009. Certified Facilitator  CEFE. FTH Chile.

2007. Certified Facilitator  Outdoor dictated by Instituto CHOLQUI. Chile.

2008. Certified program facilitator Making Cents International of USA.

2000. Master en Dirección Informática. IDE CESEM. Madrid. España

1995. Degree in software engineering. Universidad Santa Maria

1989. Computer Science Engineer. Universidad Santa Maria

Courses designed and taught

Teacher training
  • Courses to strengthen transversal skills for teachers such as: leadership, effective communication, school mediation, self-care and teamwork.
  • Selection and training programs for entrepreneurial skills training for teachers.
  • Facilitator Training Program.
Adolescent and youth training
  • IKIGAI Emotional Intelligence Training Program: Firm to the future.
  • LEGO workshop for: defining strategies to find a life purpose and personal leadership.
  • Outdoor leadership and teamwork workshop.
  • Youth leadership training workshop.
  • Workshop on entrepreneurship at an early age.
Professional training
  • Courses and workshops on transversal competencies in the areas of: leadership, communication, teamwork and self-care.
  • High performance team building course.
  • Course on work motivation and teamwork.
Training of undergraduates
  • Entrepreneurial training program for Incubatees.
  • Personal development workshop for students.
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship workshop.
  • Entrepreneurial responsibility workshop.
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship program for undergraduate students.
Training of entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurial Competency Development Courses.
  • Customer Service Workshop.
  • Sales skills workshop
  • Negotiation workshop.
  • Cost management workshop.

Testimonials & Recommendations

"I would 100% recommend Miriam's workshops, as it allows you to know your inner self, accept it and receive techniques to develop yourself fully in your future life, accepting success and failure, but with the certainty that with perseverance you will always get ahead and achieve your dream both personally and professionally."
"The self-help workshops mark the life of any person, but always keeping in mind that no workshop has the ability to change your life, you are finally the one who decides to take the tools that these workshops give you in order to awaken all the talent that for reasons of life were sleeping. There are stories, books, people that mark the life of each one of us, without a doubt Miriam, you are a person who has the ability to mark others, to influence, to impact in such a way that it is impossible to forget what was learned, since it was delivered by a woman, so impressive and so encouraging for the soul of every being who relates to you. Thank you infinitely for giving me the opportunity to know you and share the wisdom that was given to you from above and the divine." Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
Teacher University
"Miriam is a virtuous person, not only has great knowledge in various areas, from technology to psychology, she is a master in transforming people. I did a training workshop for High Performance Leaders in 2016. I feel that it transformed me as a person. Miriam, is a first line Coach, not only gave us an excellent training, but she made us form a team of 20 people, who keep in touch to this day, companies were formed among the participants, we support each other. That is just a sample button. Miriam's work is very fruitful and she has trained dozens of entrepreneurs over the last 10 years. Not content with giving this training, she follows up with us and encourages us to give the best of ourselves in every conversation we have with her." Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
Associate Founder
"Ultra active and restless, she makes everything agile and easy; her manner is excellent, which makes it very easy to relate to her. Her joy and ease of adapting to the changing circumstances of the environment, makes it very easy to move forward with her; a team player."
"I worked together with Miriam for 2+ years at Nueva Generación S.A., where we engaged in high impact transformational coaching and training. Miriam was a pillar in the development and growth of the company. I was always impressed by her vocation and dedication to facilitate human transformation towards high effectiveness. Miriam has a great facility and sensitivity in competency development, organizational and emotional performance of people, so I highly recommend her".
Managing Director
"Miriam did an excellent job in the modernization project of the information systems of the Library of the National Congress. As an IT expert, she analyzed from a technical and human point of view, the characteristics and applications of the systems proposed by the different companies. As part of one of these companies, I had the opportunity to work with her and meet an excellent professional, orderly, inquisitive and planned, with a great respect for the human element of the projects and a great respect, also, for other non-computer professions, as was the case of Librarians. Her concern to understand the effects that modernization would have on the operation of the Library was a clear example of broad, open and forward thinking."
Librain at ECLAC
"Miriam is a wonderfull person with excellent values both personally and professionally, She is always thinking the way to change and improve things. Its a great experience to work with her."
Sales Engineer at AppGate
"I met a group of excellent people and professionals, among which Miriam stands out, who helped and guided me in a new and difficult stage that was beginning in my life, she helped me in my entrepreneurship in a very professional way, however, I never felt that way, because for me she is a friend who supported me by giving me strength and the necessary knowledge to make my projects successful, leaving everything to see my goals come true. "
Java Software Engineer al TransferWise