If you were invited to share this space, it is because we know that you are valuable to him/her. 
Don’t be afraid to show your love to him/her with words.
Your message will be part of a beautiful gift that your child, sibling, friend, etc. will receive at the end of their training. 
Do not discuss this activity with them, as it will be a surprise. 
 The deadline to share with them how much you value and love them through this channel is Thursday, June 8 at 24:00 hrs.
Please set aside a few minutes to show these brave young men and women how much you love them and are grateful they are in your life.

Translated with DeepL


Love is more than money, and a sincere word will mean more than an expensive gift.


Before you start filling your love and appreciation notes, we ask you to choose a quiet moment and connect with the person to whom you are going to dedicate your love note. This is a valuable gift for that person, which will accompany him/her throughout his/her life. We have received your love note, we will send it to your loved one on their graduation day.
Every newsletter should follow this form: What I appreciate about you.... o What I see in you is ..... What I recognize in you is ... What I learned from you is ....

Some people love power and others have the power to love.